Our company

Nowind & Nowater, SL started two years ago in Barcelona driven by the concerns of its partners to find a simple and easy system that could protect motorcycle drivers from the wind and the rain. After several trials, and with the goal of finding something that was practical and economical, we patented the RTS system "Raingear Transforming System" that converts our jackets into a rain-suit in less than 1 minute, with a simple movement. All this at the same price of a riding jacket of with the same characteristics.

In the process we also designed related "gadgets" for the world of the motorcycle rider, always with the aim of protecting and occupying little space. Given the good response of the public to the RTS idea, we are now extending the application to jackets designed for various other outdoor activities such as Golf, treckking and Game.
Nowind&Nowater facilities in Barcelona