The reversible motorcycle cover that you can always have in hand

NONOCOVER By NOWIND&NOWATER, is an practical ultra-light cover designed to protect your bike from sun, rain and dust, which offers something unusual:

Cover your motorbike quickly and easily anywhere!

Thus, allowing you to have it always handy when you want to use it.


  • Made of waterproof tissue.
  • Ideal for protecting the electronics of the bike from water.
  • Ideal for protecting rubbers and plastics of the bike from the sun.
  • Takes up minimal space so that you always keep it in the bike.
  • Installs and uninstalls in a minute.
  • Waterproof cover with pins to secure it to the bike.
  • Designed and manufactured in the European Union
  • Colors: Black and Silver.
For practical purposes we recommend to mount it below the headlight and this way extend it from the headlight all the way back or below the back seat and then extend it forwards. It is reversible: black/silver: The silver side is designed for summer and the black side for the winter. Installs and uninstalls in a minute because it has rubber bands that facilitate its perfect anchorage. It is kept in a own bag with pins, thus having the possibility to anchor it to the bike with a padlock if desired. Studies suggest that the bikes that are protected with a cover are less prone to being stolen. This is a another advantage of having a NONOCOVER in your bike.