The jacket has a very sporty design, Golf type, but you can also use it every day for work or on the street, to ride a motorcycle, go fishing and so on... It has an exceptional ability to adapt to all weather conditions, the seams are thermo-sealed. It has two waterproof outer pockets that permit that the essentially remain dry. Comfort and functionality are assured by adjustable closures at the waist and cuffs.

The casual-wear jacket that turns into wind-and water proof suit in a minute

NONOGREEN By NOWIND & NOWATER, Designed and created for lovers of outdoor sports, is a very lightweight jacket that offers something unusual and unique:

The RTS system (Raingear Transforming System)

That converts the jacket into a rain suit in less than in 1 minute, with one easy maneuver; this system (patented) enables you to protect your legs from the cold and of the rain when you needed. After using thr RTS system only once, you will miss it.

Optional accessories:

Hat-Case: It has a Barbour design waterproof hat, very comfortable and convenient in case of rain, which also serves to stow the jacket inside, therefore using little space for storing and carrying around.


  • Raingear Transforming System Pants.
  • Thermo-sealed seam.
  • Made of very comfortable waterproof polyester fabric.
  • Internal front flap to thoroughly isolate from wind and water.
  • Two external waterproof pockets.
  • Two frontal vents at chest height for increased ventilation.
  • Vertical zipper opening on each side of the jacket .
  • Elastic strips on the back side for freedom of movement.
  • Very comfortable elastic cuffs with Velcro.
  • Designed and manufactured in the European Union.
  • Color: Navy